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Architecture is Inhabited Sculpture.

We design spaces, no matter small or big. We transform any space to its best probability and our designs meet functionalities. If you have a space to design

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To be a pioneer in the new scenario of the infrastructure sector where there is an optimum utilisation of non-renewable resources, more focus on the use of renewable resources and reusable construction materials. We as the re-creator are more focussed to minimize the resources for the long term existence as well as for the need of the concept “Low-cost Housing Designs for All” in the upcoming decades by a proper well conceptually planned design services.


To organize and start incorporating the technicalities with a base concept of “Low-cost Housing Designs for All”. In order to achieve this platform the organization started providing Cost effective Design services based on the budget of the client.

Core Values

The team spins on the requirement of the market, works on the concept, and brainstorm with the ideas, reiterate in one process, verify with the clients requirement, works on resources allocation, sticks on with the deadlines and delivers the concept in one single step with BIM Technology


There is a great need for the Design with a concept and a project with a predefined path by maintaining the transparency as well as the technicalities in all the phases of the project cycle.

Scope of Work

The Architectural Design includes 3-Dimensional realistic high quality defined elevations based on the client requirement, real time interiors based on day to day life, followed by well detailed Structural Designs satisfying the IS codal provisions along with optimum utilisation of resources.

Financial Considerations

With the concept of “Low-cost Housing Designs for All”, the financial requirements are taken care by providing the best possible optimum structural & architectural designs.